Food and meat are elevated to a new level by barbecue wood pellets, which infuse them with various exquisite tastes. Find out which BBQ smoking pellets go best with several types of cuisine, from hickory to apple. Complete your pellet smoker setup with this guide to the best wood pellets for smoking.

Wood pellets are a cleaner and more effective smoking fuel than conventional gas or charcoal. However, it’s crucial to understand what to get for the appropriate circumstances. Some give various flavours, while others burn hotter or longer. You could need multiple pellets depending on the type of meat you’re smoking.

If you don’t use the proper wood for your pellet smoker setup, your food might still be ruined. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on pellets only to discover that they are low quality or incompatible with your grill.

Utilizing your pellet barbecue will be a snap, thanks to my guide on the softwood pellets for smoking. I am showing you the best and most expansive wood pellets in the world.

  1. Competition Camp Chef Blend

These smoker pellets from Camp Chef, who has been in the wood fuel business for a while, are the ideal illustration. They are a lovely mixture of clean-burning, all-natural pellets.

A mixture of high-quality hardwoods, including cherry, maple, and hickory, is included. These work brilliantly together to provide a flavourful blend that complements most smoked meats from the barbeque.

Although some people like to mix their own hardwoods, Camp Chef has done a great job combining them for a natural flavour.

The fact that wood pellets produce minimal ash or dust after usage is one of the best indicators of quality. Nothing special about these Camp Chef pellets.

They have earned a solid reputation as good all-around fuels.

  1. CookinPellets Perfect Mix

This mixture of wood pellets combines four distinct kinds of wood to provide a complex and layered taste profile. It mixes hickory, maple, apple, and cherry to produce a smoking wood that goes well with various grilled foods.

The premium brand CookinPellets produces excellent smoking pellets. There are no fillers of any type. Therefore there is no oil or subpar wood (like alder). Nothing but high-quality wood fuel is being used for your smoker. It’s difficult to dispute that it truly is the right mixture.

  1. Applewood Camp Chef Premium

Yet another Camp Chef wood pellet, but it’s not a mix this time. We instead provide pure applewood grilling pellets that work well with any type of barbecue. This is more flavorful than any combo package you might find because it is made entirely of applewood. However, if you want something with a smokey apple scent, this is it. It goes great with smoked cheese, as well as hog and chicken. It can be combined with alder wood for a smokier and more well-balanced scent.

It is only made of high-quality apple hardwood and has no fillers. It produces practically no ash or dust, and the smoke is light and clean because it is made of hardwood.

  1. Pit Boss BBQ Competition Blend

You will attract attention if you go by the name “Pit Boss.” Indeed, they are well-known in the smoker industry and produce some of the best grill wood pellets available.

There are two varieties of their blend of BBQ wood pellets: hickory or apple. Regarding quality, there is no distinction between the two; only your taste preferences matter.

Your exceptional pellets will burn hot and cleanly since their North American wood is devoid of additives or chemicals. You get outstanding scent quality with minimal ash left over after smoking.

Suppose you can’t decide between hickory and apple. In that case, its competitive blend of hardwood combines hickory, cherry, and maple.

  1. Hickory Traeger Barbecue

Traeger, the company that makes one of my favourite wood pellet barbecues, is also the maker of some of my favourite BBQ wood pellets.

Some of the cleanest pellets available are these ones. They are entirely made of hardwood with no fillers. They produce a lovely smokey taste in your cuisine while burning cleanly.

They complement meat, hog, and the game even though they are pure hickory rather than a combination.

Essential Features that make them soo expansive

Not sure where to begin when selecting the fuel for your pellet smoker? Here are some things to watch out for when choosing your timber.


Choose only hardwood pellets when selecting your fuel. This implies that it won’t include any fillers or chemicals, burn cleanly, or negatively influence the environment or your meal.


Flavours Using wood chips or pellets to add more flavour to the meat of your choice is one of the most excellent aspects of barbecuing. Woods like apple, maple, and hickory can be blended to elevate your meat’s flavour by adding to the smokiness.

Light-Up Period

The popularity of wood pellets can be attributed in part to how much quicker they fire and warm up than charcoal. In fact, they practically equal gas in terms of how quickly they attain their ideal temperatures. This is astonishing because it is a far more “organic” fuel source.

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