Alfalfa Sweet Hay in 3×3/3×4 Wrapped Bales


Alfalfa Sweet Hay in 3×3/3×4 Wrapped Bales is a high protein dairy hay wrapped at low moisture. Because of drying weather conditions in the northeast quality generally decreases when making dry alfalfa hay because of so much leaf loss in the drying process. For this reason a lot of the high protein alfalfa is put up in wrapped bales. Using this method the hay can be cut and let to dry as much as possible in the windrow without tedding or flipping, then baled at around 25% moisture keeping all the leaves on. Our Alfalfa Sweet Hay is soft and leafy, highly palatable and still keeps its green color. The large square bales flake apart nicely and feed well. We bale the hay with high density to make a well packed bale that does not let air in keeping any spoilage to a minimum. We also wrap with 10 layers to eliminate air holes when bales get moved. 3x3x6 bales weigh around 1000lb and 3×4 bales weigh around 1600lb.


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