natural, soft straw pellet bedding is made specifically for horses. It has been independently verified as  the most absorbent equine bedding on the market; absorbing up to 3x wood shavings and 2x wood pellets.

We manufacture and supply our straw pellets in 15kg bags, 750kg and 1000kg bulk bags,


The straw pellets are perfect substitute for natural hay / straw to use as the bedding for horses or other animals. The pellets are easy to pour and economical to transport for longer distance. Straw pellets have very similar features as natural straw. In production, no additives are used – only the mechanical pressing operation. 

Main export markets for the Straw pellets are:The Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, France, Finland and Austria. 

The straw pellet production starts at the end of field works in summer, usually in last weeks of July. After the crops are harvested, the waste of straw is collected, pressed into transportable rolls and stored. 


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