This fuel has high calorific value, but the ash tends to slag. The amount of ash is average.

Because of high calorific value, heat and long heating period, sunflower husk pellet fuel is gaining popularity in Lithuania Market. This type of pellets leave a larger amount of ash, but the energy output of the same weight of pellets compared to solid fuel is almost twice as greater.

A vast majority of sunflower husk pellets sold in Lithuania are manufactured in Ukraine Pressed in oil refineries sunflower seeds are turned into oil, the refuse, which are husks, are made into ecological fuel. It is widely used in Poland’s and UK’s power plants.

Sunflower husk pellets are manufactured in two different ways, so you can find two different types of sunflower pellet fuel:

Hot pressed
Cold pressed

Hot pressed sunflower husk pellet defining characteristic is intense heat. It is higher even than that of sawdust pellets. Meanwhile cold pressed sunflower husk pellet fuel heat is not that intense. When compared to sawdust pellets, sunflower husk pellet consumption is higher.

Sunflower husk pellet fuel burns for a long time – 1 kilogram maintains heat for about 6 hours. Burnt out ash can be used as a fertilizer, because the fuel is ecological and no glue is used in its manufacturing. The amount of carbon dioxide released when burning sunflower husk pellets is minimal, so they can be used not only for boiler heating, but also for fireplaces and cooking food on a grill.


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